Boom Shankara By Perfumologist 30ml Extract De Parfum

Boom Shankara By Perfumologist 30ml Extract De Parfum

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Boom Shankar By Perfumologist : 

Authentic Landrace Smell of Green Hemp or Marijuana or Cannabis in Perfumes, It's like Walking in Green Fields and Taking a Nap there itself in Lap of Nature. 

Added with Hint of Natural Ruh Khus or Vetiver Absolute for that authentic Touch of Greenery.

Actually this Journey Started with adding Authentic Marijuana Note - A Really Rare one to Create in Perfumery.

Here are what led to creation of BoomShankar:

Green Life 1.0 - Good Life with Cannabis

Green Life 2.0 - Green Irish Tweed With Green TOuch

Banana Diesel Kush 1.0 - Absolute Delightful Experiment

Banana Diesel Kush 2.0 - Absolute Disaster Experiment But WE Discovered Diesel Note

Diesel Kush - Green Kush with Diesel Note

And Here we go with the Final Cut, You be the Judge, We Failed or Succeeded.

P.S. We use 100% Aroma compounds mimicking smell of Cannabis 


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